M Cudd Infrastructure Inc based in Kingston, ON has the right solutions for residential issues including sewage backups and root infiltration.  

If you have experienced a sewage backup into your home, it can be completely overwhelming. Often times, the backup is caused by Tree Roots that have entered your pipe and blocked the normal flow of your drain.  M. Cudd Infrastrucutre Inc. can perform a CCTV Camera Inspection to diagnose the problem and relieve your drain to allow your normal flow to resume.  Sometimes this process is all that is required and you can expect your drain to flow for a period of time before the roots grow enough to cause another blockage. Other times however, the Tree Roots excessive growth and constant mechanical removal can break your drain pipe and cause your pipe to collapse and block flow permanently. 

M. Cudd Infrastructure Inc. can provide you with multiple options from day one so that you can select the option that best suits your budget. Underground pipe failure is not something that people can see coming or be prepared for, we understand how difficult it can be and strive to provide each homeowner with the option that best suits their situation and allow them time to make a pressure free decision that works best for them while saving you the decision of having to cut down any trees. From basic cleaning services to trenchless rehabilitation or replacement, we will make sure you never have another sewage backup again.

Residential Services:

  • CCTV Camera Inspection
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Root Removal
  • High Pressure Flushing
  • Trenchless Rehabilitation/Repair