City of Kingston awards sewer cleaning and closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection contract to M. Cudd Infrastructure Inc.

Utilities Kingston conducts sewer cleaning and closed circuit television (CCTV) inspection in order to help maintain the integrity of the municipal sanitary sewer. This initiative helps ensure the continued reliability of the wastewater collection system.

M. Cudd Infrastructure was awarded the contract due to our proven experience, capabilities, and superior service. If your city requires CCTV inspection and high-pressure flushing service, we look forward to hearing from you.

The following is a brief overview of the project:

  • Sewer cleaning: this is accomplished by multiple passes of a high-pressured jet. Scoured materials are flushed, captured, and removed from the sewer and properly disposed.
  • Sewer inspection: this is accomplished a short time later by running a robotic CCTV camera through the sewer main. The camera documents the condition of the sewer and adds to our condition assessment database for future capital planning.